What are PhiLash extensions?

 PhiLashes are faux Mink lahses that have been developed to the highest standard. Along with features that imitate a natural lash such as curl and a tapered effect but with extra softness and added durability. The lashes are applied with a special latex free adhesive.

The treatment time for this process may vary depending on the desired effect but it can take up to 90 minutes for a fresh set of lashes. At the beginning of each treatment our lash technician will carry out a consultation to discuss what look you desire and what the procedure involves.

PhiLashes are applied one at a time to your own lashes, this is a careful and special procedure that does not overload or damage your lashes. Our technician can give you the look you desire whether it may be length, volume or a combination of both. Different looks are achieved by the applying different lengths , curls and thickness of lashes. Either way our technician can give you beautiful lashes 24/7 meaning you can wake up with stunning lashes – no mascara needed!

Once the treatment has been carried out results can last up to 8 weeks – this varies on each different client. To keep your PhiLashes looking their best you will need to return to us for an infill every two to three weeks. 

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PhiLash Faux Mink Extensions

  $160 Full Set​

$70 3 week fill

$60 2 week fill 

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